💡Integration with Guild.xyz

This guide outlines how to integrate Guild.xyz into your community management for a thriving community with Quest Chains.

Steps to setting up a guild for your community.

1. Go to guild.xyz and click “Create a Guild” on the homepage.

2. Connect a wallet by clicking “Connect to a Wallet” at the top right corner, verify, and sign in. PS: The processes in this guide require no fee.

3. Choose a server platform to integrate the guild, in this case, Discord.

4. Click “Add bot.” Add the guild.xyz bot to the server, granting necessary permissions and authorizing access.

# Go to your server, click on the drop-down menu at the top of the server, and select “server settings."

Go to "Roles.” Place the guild.xyz bot role above other roles (that the bot is to manage) in the server settings.

5. Provide an email or messaging platform for contacting the guild team and click “Create Guild.” Approve in your wallet.

6. Now your guild integration has been created. read through the introductory guides by clicking "next," finally click on "finish,” and approve them in your wallet.

A role and its requirements will be created and added to your guild by default; you can choose to use them or remove them at any time.

To add a new role for your quest in Quest Chains

1*. Click on the quest chain’s NFT and copy the token address and ID number. (On how to create a quest, see here)

2*. Click “Add Role” and fill in the descriptions.

3*. On the “add requirement” part, select NFT as the requirement type, paste the token address and custom ID, and click “Add Requirement.”

4*. Finally, click “Save” to add the role and requirements. Repeat steps 1*-4* for additional roles.

Now you're good to go!

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