Publishing the quest chain (Enabling and Disabling quests)

How to publish a quest chain

The next step is to publish the quest chain so that questers may see it when you've added all the necessary tasks.

Step 1: To publish click on the PUBLISH QUEST CHAIN button (1)

Step 2: Approve the transaction in your wallet extension

By ticking the box (2), you can decide to start the quest as disabled, making it inaccessible to questers even after the chain has been published.

You can disable and enable the whole quest chain or single quests within it at any moment, here is how...

To enable a quest chain:

Step 1: Open up the particular quest chains' overview page

Step 2: Switch to member mode(2)

Step 3: Click on the Disable Quest Chain(2)

Step 4: confirm the transaction in your wallet extension, the action will take effect immediately

follow the same process to enable the quest chain

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