Quest Chains

Adding or creating an NFT

How to create and add claimable NFT rewards for Quester
Every quest chain that is completed successfully merits commendation or reward, and the quest chains app allows creators to include claimable NFT rewards for the quest chain as evidence of its completion.
These NFTs can be used for token-gating certain communities and further assigning roles through the integration.
Here are some simple steps to create and add a 3D NFT reward to your quest chain
Step 1: From the previous steps after adding descriptions to the quest chain, click continue to step2
Step 2: Select any NFT type of your choice(2D, 3D, custom)
Step 3: Select an NFT shape from the background shape options
Step 4: Select a gem type from the Gem options
Step 5: Select the rating of the NFT from the number of stars options
Step 6: Add the NFT name or title in the Name box provided
Step 7: Add some brief description about the NFT in the Description box
For example, check out the image below
For other options, you could check out the 2D NFT and Custom NFT options.
  • Click Continue to Step 3 to approve the transaction on your wallet extension move to the next step