Assigning member Roles

How to assign member's roles

One strategy for managing your adventures efficiently is to assign certain roles to the members.

Several roles are available and can be allocated to members; they are outlined and described <here>.

Here is how to assign roles to members of your quest chain

Step1: Click on the Paste or write an Eth address... (1)

Step2: copy and paste the member's address you would like to assign a certain responsibility to and select "βœ”οΈ" to proceed

Step3: now select the roles drop-down box (2) and select the preferred role

Repeat the process for other members you would like to assign any role.

what this does is that it gives these wallet addresses access to perform some tasks that other wallet address cant.

For example, check out the image below

After you are done assigning roles to members, click on continue to Step 4 to move on to the next task

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