Quest Chains

Reviewing submission

How to review submissions
Reviewing submissions from questers is a crucial step since it allows you to determine if the task was actually completed or whether it was completed to a standard that merits approval.
You have the option to accept or reject a submission and, if necessary, provide comments.
here are a few simple steps to review task submissions
Step 1: To see if any submissions are awaiting review, open the specific quest chain in member mode.
Step 2: If there are, click on Review Submission
Step 3: Review the number of submissions you desire.
Step 4: By checking the boxes next to each submission, you opt to accept/ reject multiple submissions at once(which applies the same comment to all of the submissions).
Step 5: Select whether to accept or reject the submission with or without comments.
Step 6: Approve the transaction in your wallet extension
Now the review work is done 🎉