Creation of quests

How to create quest tasks

Now it's time to add some quests!

This is one of the most important parts, here you create quests that users will have to complete. In creating quest tasks it's necessary to be as clear as possible.

Here are some helpful steps to follow

Step 1: Click on the Add a Quest button

Step 2: Add the quest title in the Quest name(1) option

Step 3: Add some description and instruction in the Quest Description (2) box - This will guide the quester towards understanding and successful completion of the quest.

Step 4: on advance settings(3), click on the drop-down button, click on the highlighted texts to tweak the features, and choose if you want that particular quest to be optional or required, auto-approved, or manually approved.

Step 5: Select if you want to start quest as disabled(4) (to be hidden when the quest chain is published) you can always change it whenever you wish For example, check out the image below

Step 6: Once done click on Add quest and the quest or task will be added to the quest chain.

You can repeat the above steps and processes if you wish to add more tasks

More tasks can still be added after the quest chain has been published

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