Quest Chains

Who Should Use Quest Chains?

Entities that can benefit from Quest Chains...
Quest Chains is open for anyone who needs it;
DAO: Quest Chains may be used to speed up and maximize the effectiveness of the onboarding process for communities that wish to onboard new members into their DAO in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
DAO Newcomers: an individual who has just joined a DAO and is eager to learn more about it and take part in its growth. These individuals have the opportunity to engage in DAO quest chain programs, and upon completion, they will join the community as verified and knowledgeable members.
These quest chain programs allow anyone with a thirst for knowledge to participate, learn more or contribute to a certain project while also having fun, providing and getting feedback.
Furthermore, organizations might utilize this platform to create courses for educating their members, among so many other goals.​