🎯Our Mission

Quest Chain's mission...

Quest Chains is a fully decentralized system that aims to empower quest givers and questers of web3 to bring a unified and fun structure to DAO onboarding, and generally provide a flexible system to create any kind of a set of tasks.

Gamified interfaces with simple and intuitive design have high success. Various web3 learning platforms out there do focus on each of the above elements but not all of them simultaneously. Quest Chains provides ranking and leveling up system that presents user progress that can be shared to a whole social network via their profile. We believe gamification will facilitate the next cohort of individuals to learn and engage with Web3. Learning & engaging will become rewarding, as people will receive rewards for their completed quest chains. It will become accumulative. People will build their on chain history or credentials by completing quests making the things they spend on today, valuable to their future in a way that is transparent and easy to see. They will build their digital identity and become proud of the things they accomplish, wanting to show the world the NFT’s they’ve collected.

We are primarily providing a tool to standardize DAO onboarding through a fun, gamified questing process, while simultaneously extending the functionality of our system to any other possible applications that can be wrapped into a questing form, including, but not limited to:

  • Courses

  • Playbooks

  • Application forms

  • Unlockable quest chains

  • Integration into any web3 game through our SDK

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