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Meet the team 😎
  • ​Dave is a seasoned UX/UI designer who is extremely passionate about his work (in fact we are all very passionate about what we do 🙂), he is very patient and knowledgeable.
  • ​Dan has dedicated his life to working as a full stack web3 developer in DAOs, which he believes are the future of work. He's also an active member of Raid Guild.
  • ​Beti is a graphic design student who's in love with 3D and digital art in general.
  • ​Vid wants to help build a better future and has continuously contributed to MetaGame for the past year while working professionally as a FE developer for the past 5 years.
  • ​Parv is a Solidity dev who has vast experience in writing and auditing smart contracts.
  • ​Tony is a passionate writer and our newest member, who is taking care of the written content.
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